Display Options

Display settings give you control over things look and feel on the screen. You can also update the templates for some of the emails that are sent from your account.

Some display option settings are only available to admin users.

Available Display Options

Remember the last folder I was last viewing each time I use the file manager.

Turning this setting on returns you to the last folder you accessed each time you access the Files page.

Available to all users

Show links to earn rewards by referring ExaVault to others.

Turning off this option removes the referral link at the bottom of each page in file manager. This setting affects all users on the account.

Available to admin users

Enable onboarding overlay for your users.

This setting toggles to show or hide help tips for new users.

Available to admin users

Default Time Zone

This allows you to display all times converted to the selected time zone.

Available to all users

Welcome Email Text & Subject

This setting allows you to select the wording for the Welcome Email that can be sent to new users. Changes to this setting apply to the entire account.

Available to admin users

Email message Signature

This setting allows you to save text that will be included at the bottom of every email sent from ExaVault. This setting applies to the entire account.

Available to admin users

Changing Display Options

Change display settings.

To update your setting:

1. Click the My Account button on the main toolbar.

2. Stay on the PREFERENCES tab.

3. Scroll down to the setting you want to change.

4. Select the desired setting value.

5. Click the SAVE CHANGES button at the bottom of the screen.

Your settings will take effect immediately.

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