FTP Branding: CNAME Records

ExaVault offers two options for custom branding. If you want to rebrand your web interface, sharing emails, etc., you should look at our custom branding page to learn more. If you are trying to rebrand your FTP domain from mycompany.exavault.com to files.mycompany.com, you'll want to set up a CNAME record, as detailed here.

CNAME record lets you transparently redirect a domain from your site to your ExaVault account. To set one up, you'll need to contact the people that control your domain name. Generally, this is your website hosting company (e.g. Dreamhost, 1&1, Bluehost, Rackspace, etc.), although in some cases it may be under the control of the domain registrar from whom you originally ordered it (e.g. GoDaddy, Network Solutions, etc.). Tell them you want to set up a CNAME record that points:

files.mycompany.com → username.exavault.com

Once they set that up, you're done. You can then access your FTP space by going to:


Will a CNAME work for both ExaVault file manager and FTP?

CNAME records only work for your customers using FTP software to access your storage space. If you want to brand your ExaVault web interface with your name, logo & URL, please see our custom branding page.

Will a CNAME work for FTPS connections?

If your users are connecting through FTPS rather than FTP, the CNAME redirection will work, but users will receive an SSL certificate warning message when trying to connect. This is because the FTPS protocol wants the domain you're connecting to match the domain on the SSL certificate on the server, and the CNAME is purposely pointing at a different domain name. Connections will still be encrypted, but you'll need to ask your customers to acknowledge the warning message that appears.

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