Login Info

To connect with ExaVault, a user will need the following information:

  • Username
  • Password
  • Host Domain

In addition to the three requirements above, there are additional settings related to your user. These options can always be updated by admin users. Users may be able to update their settings pending the permissions applied.


Required for all users to connect with storage.

  • Only admins can update the Username from the Users page.


Required for all users to connect with storage. If a user is making an SFTP connect, an SSH key can be used in place of a password. Depending upon your account permissions, this may not be editable.

  • Users (with the correct permissions) can update from the User Settings page.
  • Admins can update from the Users page.

Host Domain / Web Domain

To connect with your account, you will use your host domain. Your host domain is typically in the format of account-name.exavault.com.

Nickname / Display Name

A meaningful name for you / how you prefer to be addressed. The username is not required to connect with your account, but it can be helpful for identifying users.

Email Address

Your email address will be used for system notification and resetting your password. Pending permissions for a user, an email address may not be required.

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