Security Preferences

Your ExaVault account has a variety of security features that allows you to control how data is viewed, sent, and received.

Secure Mode Only

An account wide setting that only allows for encrypted connections using SFTP or HTTPS. To enable, visit the Account Settings page as an admin.

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

Individual users can enable MFA for their accounts from the User Settings page. Admins can set an account wide requirement for users to connect using MFA from the Account Settings page.

SSH Keys

An admin user can set up SSH Keys to be used for creating a secure, password-less SFTP connection with the account.

Complex Passwords

An account wide setting that forces users to set a password with additional requirements. To enable, visit the Account Settings page as an admin.

Account IP Restrictions

An account wide setting only allows connections with your account from a specific set of IP ranges. To enable, visit the Account Settings page as an admin.

User Permission

Admins will have the options to edit the individual permissions for each user, assign a home directory, lock (remove access), and set expiration dates for users. These setting can be applied when creating a new user or by editing existing users.

Activity Logs

Admins can review view an itemized list of events affecting your account in the Session Logs.

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