Administration and Settings

All users may manage and save a few usage settings in ExaVault file manager. These are accessed by clicking the My Account button on the main toolbar.

The options shown under the account settings will vary depending on your security level. Admin users will have access to all account settings, while non-admin users will be able to see fewer settings.

Settings Tabs

This tab lists login information for the current user and is visible to all users. Some settings are available to all users while most settings will only be visible to admin users. From this tab you can update User Settings, Account Settings (admin only), and Communication Settings (admin only).

This tab contains links to managing billing for the account. Links will only be accessible to the owner of the account.

This tab contains options for re-branding your ExaVault account with information about your business. Settings will be accessible to admin users of the account.

This tab contains saved email lists. This tab is accessible to all users and email lists are stored per user.

This tab contains information for configuring webhooks and API access. These settings will only be accessible to admin users.

This tab contains information how you can earn $100.00 account credit by inviting your friends to sign up for an ExaVault account.

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