Billing Settings

As the owner of the account, you can find quick links to several billing and account management functions by accessing the billing settings. Clicking one of these links will take you to the corresponding Client Area page.

If you are not the owner of the account, you will receive a message letting you know the quick links are not available to you.

Accessing account billing options.

To access Billing Settings for your account:

1. Log in as the account owner. The account owner has access to the primary username for your account. For instance: has the primary username: myaccount

2. Click the My Account (gear icon) from the left a navigation bar.

3. Click the BILLING & SUBSCRIPTION page from the top menu.

4. Click the button for the account action you want to perform.

Available Links:

  • Client Details: Make updates to the contact information for the primary contact.
  • Payment Methods: Manage credit card(s), PayPal subscriptions, ACH set-up, and billing contact information.
  • Invoices: Review past or current invoices.
  • Plan: Select an Upgrade or Downgrade for the storage service that you are currently using.
  • Storage Accounts: Review all storage services tied to your Client Details and Add or Remove services.
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