The Accounts section provides an overview of your ExaVault account. If you have multiple ExaVault accounts, then the page will give you an overview for all of your accounts.

Accounts Overview

The Accounts Overview page in the ExaVault Client Area.

The Accounts overview page will show you the following information for each of your accounts:

  • Server name
  • Recurring payment amount
  • Billing cycle
  • Next billing date
  • Account status

Click the View Details drop-down menu to see options for your account:

  • View Account Details - See information about current account billing and storage use.
  • Upgrade / Downgrade - Change the current storage size for the account.
  • Simple Web File Transfer - Access stored files through the ExaVault web interface.
  • Manage Users - Access the user page in ExaVault web interface to manage users who can access files.

Account Details Page

The Accounts Overview page in the ExaVault Client Area

Click on the account's server name or the View Account Details button to view the detail page for that account. From here, you can control the account's settings.

Disk Space Usage

Real-time disk space quota used and quota available information is displayed on the account details page. Look under the Space Used/Quota heading to see the current amount of storage space used.

Canceling Your Account

Canceling account

To cancel your account:

1. Log in to the client area at
(use your email address as the username)

2. Click the Accounts drop-down button and click All Accounts.

3. Click the View Details drop-down menu for the account you want to cancel.

4. Click Request Cancellation. You will be presented with a page where you can enter the details as to why you would like your account canceled.

5. Enter your reason for canceling.

6. Click the red Request Cancellation button.

Please Note
  • If you do not click the red Request Cancellation button, your request will not be received.
  • You will receive an email confirming your cancellation request. If you do not receive this email, your cancellation request was not received by our system.
  • When your account is canceled, all data will be erased from our servers.
  • Cancellation requests may be processed at any time within the next 7 business days.
  • If your account has an outstanding invoice after a cancellation request has been filed:
    - You will not be billed.
    - You may receive automated messages from our billing system related to the outstanding invoice. Please feel free to disregard these messages. – We will cancel out any outstanding invoice(s) when we process the cancellation request.

Changing the Disk Space for Your Account

Upgrade/downgrade account.

If you would like to upgrade or downgrade your account during your trial period, contact to handle your account change.

To upgrade or downgrade the disk space for your account:

1. Log in to the Client Area at

(Use your email address as the username.)

2. Click the Accounts drop-down button and click All Accounts.

3. Click the View Details drop-down menu for the account you want to upgrade/downgrade.

4. Click Upgrade/Downgrade Account.

The system will present you with a list of current account sizes that you can upgrade or downgrade to.

Upgrade and Downgrade Billing

When you change your account size:

  • You'll receive a credit for the unused portion of your current account.
  • That credit will be applied to the new account. If you are upgrading, there will be a charge to cover the new account size for the period between the current date and your next renewal date.
  • Your next renewal date will not change.

If you are currently paying with PayPal, you'll need to cancel your current subscription. Unfortunately, PayPal does not allow subscriptions to be changed.

Please send us an email if you would like assistance:

Large FTP Accounts

Accounts larger than 1TB are available. To place an order or just get pricing information, submit a support ticket or email for assistance.

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