What are notifications? A notification is an email message which is automatically generated to let you know when something you care about has happened in your account.

Notifications consist of:

  • An action (upload, download, or delete)
  • …executed by a targeted user
  • … within a specified folder.

When one of the targeted users performs one of the targeted actions on that folder, you'll get an email.

In addition:

  • Events are constantly scanned, so your notification email arrives soon after the targeted event.
  • Notifications cover any targeted event within that folder.
    For example, if you have a folder tree with an 'uploaded' notification for all users set on the root folder (clients):

      ├── Client-A/
      └── Client-B/
               └── Invoices/
                         ├── 2011/
                         └── 2012/

    If someone connects and uploads a file into /Clients/Client-B/Invoices/2011/, then you will get an email.
  • Notifications will be triggered no matter how the targeted event occurs, through visiting Shared Folder links, logging into the File Manager, or connecting directly via FTP, SFTP or FTP-SSL.

Adding Notifications

Adding a notification.

To set up a notification on a folder:

1. Find the folder in the files area.

2. Click the drop-down action menu for the folder you want to be notified about and select the Notify me when option.

Your notification will be automatically created to notify you whenever anyone uploads files to your folder, downloads anything from your folder or deletes anything within your folder. You can change these behaviors by editing the notification.

Editing Notifications

Editing an existing notifications.

Editing a notification is as easy as setting one up:

1. Click the drop-down action menu for the target folder and select the Edit Notification option.

2. Adjust the action and/or the users. You may add, delete or change as needed.

3. Click the SAVE CHANGES button.

The Notifications Page

Reviewing the Notification page.

You may view all of your notifications on the Notifications page.

  • New notifications can be added by clicking on the CREATE NOTIFICATION button.
  • Notifications can be edited by clicking the Edit Notification button.
  • Notifications can be deleted by clicking the trashcan icon.

Notifications FAQ

How often are notification emails sent?

Emails for notifications are sent approximately every 5 minutes. There is no way to change this to receive emails more often (or less often!).

Why can't my users see my notifications?

Notifications created by a particular user can only be seen by that user. This means that if you log into your account as the user fred and create a notification, any other users in your account, such as barney will not have access to those notifications when they go to the Notifications page.

How can I create notifications for other users?

Creating notifications for other users.

By default, notifications will be sent to the email address of the user creating the notification. You can change this setting and allow up to 40 email addresses to receive notification emails.

To select email addresses that should receive a notification:

1. Edit your notification.

2. Select the Let me choose who gets notified radio button.

3. Enter the email addresses that should receive the alerts.

4. Click the SAVE CHANGES button.

Why did I receive multiple emails?

Notification emails are sent every 5 minutes. If you have a notification set for a folder, and your user uploads hundreds of items to a folder, you may receive multiple notifications for the files uploaded sent every 5 minutes until the full range of uploads is complete.

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