Client Details

The client details section of the client area is where you manage the contacts and payment details for your account.

Primary Contact Data

The primary contact details for your ExaVault account.

When you first access to the client details area, you'll see the primary contact for the account.

The primary contact is the person who will be charged with administration and payment for the account. The email address associated with the primary contact is very important. Any requests for account changes must come from this email address. If you submit a termination request for your account, it must be submitted in writing, either directly via the ‘Request Cancellation’ option, or by email sent to from the primary address on file. We will not consider any other request as valid, including requests via telephone, online chat, or requests from an email address other than the primary address on file.

The fields you can edit in the client details are largely self-explanatory. However, you might want to keep a few things in mind:

  • The email address listed on the Client Details page is also the login for the client area.
  • If you add additional contacts, you can also specify a default billing contact for your account.
  • If you add a mobile number, we will text you important account reminders.

Adding Additional Contacts

The primary contact details for your ExaVault account.

If you have more than one person responsible for the account (e.g. an administrative assistant or an accountant), you can add them as an additional contact to your account.

  • Contacts are allowed to receive account-specific emails from us (see Assigning Roles to Contacts below for details).
  • Email to from your contacts will automatically be linked to your account, and you will receive a reply of our response to them.

To add additional contacts to your account:

1. Log in to the client area.

2. Click the +New Contact button on the left side of the page.

3. Fill out the name, address, email address, and telephone number for your contact.

4. Click the Save Changes button.

Assigning Roles to Contacts

Optionally, you can designate the contact to receive copies of emails that we send.

System Emails

Contacts that you designate to receive copies of System emails will receive copies of:

  • Client Area and FTP account password reminder emails.
  • Other general announcements.
  • Paid invoices.

Product Emails

Contacts that you designate to receive copies of Product emails will receive copies of:

  • Announcements to changes in your ExaVault service.
  • Details about your account – specifically, account quotas and new service emails.

Invoice Emails

Contacts that you designate to receive copies of Invoice emails will receive copies of:

  • Notices related to billing and payment.
  • Overdue invoice reminder emails.

Support Emails

Contacts that you designate to receive copies of Support emails will receive copies of:

  • Responses to all tickets.

Allowing Client Area Access

You can also allow your additional contacts to log in to the Client Area and make changes to your account on your behalf. For more details, see Additional Client Area Logins.

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