Admin User Setup

Admin users have the same rights as the master user of the account. By creating admin users, you give other people administration access to the account while still allowing you to track all activity individually in the activity log.

Admin users:

  • Have full add/delete rights to all folders.
  • May create shared folders and send files.
  • May add and delete other users.
  • May access rebranding options.
  • May set up a folder and file notifications for themselves.
  • May view the activity logs and history for the account.
  • May change their login password.
  • May see and delete form data.

To add an admin user:

1. Log in as the master account user and click on the Users button.

2. Click on the ADD NEW USER button.

3. Fill in the username, password, and other details.

4. Click the PERMISSIONS link.

5. In the first drop-down box, select the Admin - full access role.

6.. Click the SAVE CHANGES button.

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