Monitoring File Transfers with FileZilla

When you are connecting and transferring files, you need to know if your file was successfully uploaded or downloaded. There are two components in FileZilla that help you see the status of your connections and transfers in real time:

  • The Message Log
  • The Transfer Queue

The Message Log

The FileZilla message log.

The message log lists out the transactions that occur when you connect to an FTP server. It appears at the top of the FileZilla window just underneath the Quickconnect toolbar. It's very useful to take a look at – especially when you have a problem.

Here are some actual FileZilla examples.

Command: USER BadPassword

Response: 331 Password required for BadPassword

Command: PASS ******

Response: Login incorrect.

Status: Connecting to

Command: open ""

Command: Pass: ****** Status:

Connected to

The Message Log can be turned on and off with the Show Message Log button in the toolbar.

One final note: When you are having trouble connecting or transferring a file, copying and pasting the message log into the email you send to support will often help you get your problem sorted quickly.

The Transfer Queue

The FileZilla transfer queue.

The Transfer Queue appears at the bottom of the FileZilla window. The transfer queue has three tabs to show you:

  • Queued Files tab: The status of the files you are currently transferring.
  • Failed Transfers tab: The details of files that have failed to transfer.
  • Successful Transfers tab: The details of files that have successfully transferred.

One other great feature about the Transfer Queue is that it is an overview of the details listed in the Message Log. You can bet that if you see something in the Transfer Queue, there will be further details in the message log.

Command: get "transfer.pdf" "C:\download\transfer.pdf"

Status: remote:/transfer.pdf => local:C:\download\transfer.pdf

Status: File transfer successful

Failed Transfers

Viewing failed file transfers in FileZilla.

The second tab in the Transfer Queue is one that you (and we at ExaVault) hope you won't be dealing much with: The Failed transfers tab. The Failed transfers tag is what you will see if you have an upload or a download that doesn't complete.

As with the Queued files, the Message Log interacts with the Failed Transfers tab. What's more, error messages have red text in the message log.

Status: Delaying connection for 5 seconds due to previously

failed connection attempt...

Status: Resolving address of

Status: Connection attempt failed with "EAI_NONAME - Neither

nodename nor server name provided, or not known".

Error: Could not connect to server

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