FTP Commander

If you are searching for an easy-to-use FTP client, FTP Commander is a good choice. You can easily connect to your ExaVault account and upload or download files.

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Main features of FTP Commander Pro:

  • Re-start and complete file transfers when the connection has been interrupted.
  • Automatically try to connect to your ExaVault FTP server if initial attempts to connect failed.
  • Delete one or more files, as well as whole folders and subdirectories - managing remote servers has never been faster and easier.
  • Display hidden server directories. Server directories are sometimes hidden from view - FTP Commander Pro's handy directory modification option reveals them.
  • Specify both the initial directory you connect to on the ExaVault FTP server and the local directory you want to upload from (or download to).
  • Synchronize directories on local and remote access computers (for comparing modified or new files).
  • Automatically assign file transfer parameters according to the type of file being uploaded (parameters can easily be expanded).

An Introduction to FTP Commander

Connecting and Transferring files with FTP Commander

Connecting and Transferring files with FTP Commander.

You can download the type of FTP Commander from the FTP Commander downloads page or you can find the 30-day trial download on the home page. After download, double click on the downloaded file to start the installation. Follow the installation procedure.

Once installed, two split window panels will appear on your screen. These two main panels can be described as follows:

  • On the left-hand panel - “Local Computer”, which contains a list of files and folders on the local computer.
  • On the right-hand panel - “FTP-Servers”, which contains a list of pre-configured FTP servers;

Each of these panels contains a context-sensitive menu that performs a number of system-related tasks and functions. The menu can be called up by right-clicking the mouse. The upper part of the window displays the main program menu and three keys: “Connect”, “Disconnect” and “Abort Connection”.

After clicking Connect the program will attempt to connect your computer with the ExaVault FTP server. After the command is executed and the connection has established a list of files and folders will be displayed on the remote FTP server. The keys “Disconnect” and “Abort Transfer” allow you to log off the server, break off the connection or interrupt data transfer.

To transfer files, use the following menu items:

  • Upload the files you have selected onto the FTP server;
  • Download the files you have selected to the local computer;

or click on the program button with an arrow.

The option Upload selected files to FTP server allows you to transfer files to a remote FTP server, such as your ExaVault account. To do this, select the files on a local computer you would like to copy. First of all, you need to make a connection with an FTP server. Then highlight the folder in the FTP server you would like to upload.

Follow the FTP Commander guide in order to use this FTP client properly with ExaVault.

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