Introduction to SmartFTP

SmartFTP is a commercial desktop FTP client written by SmartSoft LTD for Microsoft Windows. SmartFTP is available in three versions: Home, Professional and Ultimate.

Visit the SmartFTP website ».

SmartFTP offers a host of features to help you get the most from your FTP server:

All Versions
  • SmartFTP can check your file integrity after an upload or a download.
  • A “favorite sites” list to store your ExaVault connection details and commonly used local folders.
  • Auto-reconnect and resume enable you to resume your transfers if your Internet connection gets interrupted.
  • Windows Explorer integration so you can transfer files with a right-click.
  • Secure transfers with FTP-SSL.
  • Scheduled, unattended file transfers – you don't even have to be around to transfer files.
  • Local/server folder synchronization so you are always up to date.
Professional and Ultimate Versions
  • FTP over SSH (SFTP).
  • Email notification of completion/failure of file transfers.
  • FTP scripting.
  • File encryption to keep your data away from prying eyes.

Downloading and Installing SmartFTP

The SmartFTP installer on Microsoft Windows.

Installing SmartFTP is very easy and straight-forward. The developers of SmartFTP have also done a great job with their official installation documentation as well.

A trial version of SmartFTP can be downloaded for a 30 day evaluation period. During the evaluation period, you will see a splash page when you start up SmartFTP. If you wish to purchase SmartFTP, you can do so directly on the SmartFTP website.

Installation of SmartFTP is very easy:

1. Download the SmartFTP.

2. Double-click the downloaded file.

3. Follow the installation prompts. The defaulted options are pre-set to get you going in the right direction.

What's Next with SmartFTP

Connecting and Transferring with SmartFTP

SmartFTP has a very robust set of features. Learning how to use them with your FTP server is snap.

Monitoring File Transfers with SmartFTP

Making sure that your file has uploaded or downloaded successfully is easy with SmartFTP.

Using Remote and Local Browsers and Favorites in SmartFTP

Many FTP clients offer bookmarks and site connections as an afterthought. SmartFTP has integrated them into a user-friendly and Windows-like "Favorites" interface.

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