Using the Site Manager in Core FTP

You've seen the the Quick Connect Window. That window will allow you to quickly connect to your FTP server. However, you might find that you'd like to have a few more features. That is where the Site Manager comes in.

Core FTP's Site Manager will not only store the connection details for your FTP server, it will give you a lot of useful options.

Saving Your Current Connection

Creating an entry in the Site Manager from the Quick Connect window in Core FTP.

If you want to save the information that you entered into the Quick Connect window as a site, here's what you want to do:

1. Open the Quick Connect window.

2. Click the Add Site button.

No, you didn't miss anything. It's that easy!

The Site Manager Window

Editing entries in the Site Manager in Core FTP.

The Site Manager is accessed from the toolbar: click the first button on the toolbar: it looks like an up-arrow/down-arrow icon.

  • In the Site Manager window, you can make edits to your existing sites.
  • You can set additional settings for your sites.

Advanced Site Settings in the Site Manager

There are a couple of features in the Advanced Site Settings window that will give you some really neat features.

To access the Advanced Site Settings window, click the Advanced button in the Site Manager.

The Directory/Folder Page: Start Folders

Creating automatic folder navigation in the Site Manager in Core FTP.

Perhaps you find yourself constantly navigating to the same folder over and over every time you connect to your FTP server. For those cases, Core FTP has a bookmark feature for you.

In the Directory/Folder page of the Advanced Site Settings window, set a default Local Start folder. What this will do is automatically navigate you to this folder when you connect to your FTP server. You can specify a Remote Start folder too if you would like.

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