Introduction to Core FTP

Core FTP is an great commercial FTP client for Microsoft Windows. Development began in 2002, and it is maintained by There are two versions available:

  • Core FTP LE is the free version
  • Core FTP Pro is the low-cost supported version.
Visit the Core FTP website ».

Both versions of Core FTP offer you everything you need to connect and transfer files to your FTP server:

  • Remote file searching allows you to search for files on the FTP server.
  • Internet Explorer integration.
  • Command line support for FTP scripting.
  • Local and remote folder bookmarks.
  • SSH key pair generation enables you to generate your own keys without extra software.

Core FTP Pro

The Pro Version gives you everything offered by the LE version – plus:

  • Automatic file encryption for protecting your data.
  • Scheduled file transfers for automation without scripting
  • Full Zip file compression for faster transfers and less space used on your FTP server.
  • Email notification of transfer status.
  • File synchronization between your computer and your FTP server makes working with teams a snap!
  • Technical support.

Downloading and Installing Core FTP

Installing Core FTP on Microsoft Windows.

Both versions of Core FTP can be downloaded from the Core FTP website.

If you've installed programs on Microsoft Windows before, then there will be no surprises when you install Core FTP.

Core FTP will download as a single executable file. Double click to start the installation.

Selecting the standard installation options will suffice for just about everyone – there aren't many options to be bothered with during installation.

After Installation, a Site Manager window will appear. Fill in with your ExaVault account information and click Connect.

  • Description:
  • Hostname:
  • Username: bobsmith
  • Password: * (be careful about handing these out!)
  • Port: 22
  • ☑️ SSH/SFTP

Add the key to your SSH cache by clicking Yes.

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