FTP Service

ExaVault's FTP service gives you the freedom to run your business without the need for in-house FTP infrastructure and the associated maintenance costs.

If you depend on FTP for transferring files, but you don't want to spend time worrying about maintaining your own FTP service, you should look at ExaVault's FTP service. The benefits are numerous:

  • there is no need to tie up your own technical staff
  • you don’t have to worry about physical network and server infrastructure
  • you have the instant use of well-designed tools, built to support your workflow
  • you never have to worry about space or capacity planning again

Let's explore each in more detail:

Free up technical staff

Technical & engineering staff cost a premium, and usually have dozens of priorities. If you outsource your FTP service to ExaVault, anyone can manage your FTP site and we take care of all the operational issues. All of your technical resources can remain dedicated to the things that keep your business on the right track. None of your staff will ever need to be allocated to server maintenance or building tools to support your file management, transfer, or storage needs.

Save money on network and server infrastructure

It goes without saying that maintaining physical infrastructure is not ideal for most businesses. Unless you happen to have your own servers and networking equipment used to run other parts of your business, buying and maintaining this equipment isn't typically cost effective. Even if you do, the sheer number of hours building and maintaining an FTP server can easily add up. When it comes down to it, even if the time and energy is taken to set all of this up, you don’t end up with anything close to what an FTP service like ExaVault offers for a fraction of the cost.

Chart showing a total cost of an estimated $2730 per year spent in hidden server hosting costs.

Built for your workflow

Modern FTP services offer much more than FTP. In fact, the ability to upload and download files with an FTP client is just the tip of the iceberg. ExaVault also offers a full suite of web based tools which allow you to manage your FTP site, setup users, share files via email, manage notifications, review log files, and much more.

Forgot space & capacity planning worries

Capacity planning is a thing of the past. With ExaVault, if you need more space or users, you can simply upgrade your plan to a higher level. Upgrades can be temporary or permanent: if you need more space for a short time, simply upgrade now and downgrade as soon as your project is done.

At ExaVault, we've tried to build the best, most flexible FTP service for businesses worldwide. Join companies like Comcast, Panasonic and Chevron — sign up for a free trial and try it for yourself.

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