Secure Cloud File Sharing

Secure File Sharing Simplified

Securely share files and folders with clients, colleagues, vendors and third party systems. All simply managed in a modern web-based interface.
Sharing a folder.

Secure Files & Limit Access

Our file sharing service is designed to keep your business data secure. You can require passwords to access shared files, set expiration dates, and limit recipient lists.

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What Files Do You Need to Share?

One-time Sending

Perfect for sending one-time files & folders to a customer or colleague.

Send files to anyone directly from the web interface, or by providing them a link via chat or email.

Sending files.
Ongoing File Sharing

Ideal when working on projects, providing extended length access to files & folders.

Adding file sharing notifications to a shared folder will send an email alert when there is activity in the folder, making it easy to know when a file has been uploaded, downloaded, or edited by others.

Adding file sharing notifications.
Easily Share Links

Quickly create a shareable link or branded email that gives your colleagues or clients access to a shared folder.

Share files easily.
Send Branded Emails

Add your logo and URL to our cloud file sharing interface. Make our file secure file sharing service look like you’re sending files from your system, not from ExaVault. Branded file sharing keeps your business front & center. Share links via chat, or use our built-in email system to send a message to your recipients.

Branded files sharing.
Sharing History to Help With Compliance

Every share includes a detailed history: who shared files, who received them, when they received them, and more. Helps you keep tabs on what actions clients and partners are doing as they work with your files and cloud storage account.

Sharing history.

Need to Receive Files?

Find out more about our receive folders and customizable upload forms.

Files uploading to folder.

Trusted By These Awesome Customers!

Does exactly what was promised so I couldn’t improve it. First class product.

- Vance Harris, Miko Computers Limited

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