Secure Managed File Transfer Software

Track Activity with Logs and Statistics

Our comprehensive logging and statistics engine lets you view activity at a glance or drill down for more detailed insights into your account activity.
Session Logs.

Master Troubleshooting and Compliance

Make Troubleshooting Painless

Wondering who (or what) deleted that file that you can't find? Our logs contain every action taken with any file on your account -- from a person logging in via the web interface to every automated process that logs in via SFTP.

Compliance Made Easy

Need a list of all users who've accessed your account, and what actions they took? Our logs record everything, and easy exports let you get that data into Excel or a database of your own. From there it's easy to share necessary information with critical compliance stakeholders.

No More Hard-to-Find Info

Filter Account Activity & Logs

Tracking down a specific activity has never been simpler.

Filter activity and logs by username, type of action performed, file name, remote IP address, and date/time.

Search web based transfers and FTP logging for the most complete look at how your account is being used.

Filtering Session Logs.
One-Click Log Exports

Export logs and run your own analysis, or backup your logging data by exporting a CSV file with just one click, then import into Excel, a database, or another tool of your choice.

Exporting Session Logs.
Immutable Logs. 100% Accurate.

Our logs are immutable – they can't be changed by anyone, period.

Accurate logging is critical for account security and compliance in many industries. You'll always have the most accurate view of what activity happened in your account.

Share Activity Tab.

Every Action. Every Time.

We're dedicated to logging every single action on your account -- every time, for every connection. From changing a user's password to downloading a file, we log it, regardless of whether your user is connecting via FTP, SFTP, the web interface, or our API. You can rest assured that anytime your data is accessed, there's a log of it.

Trusted By These Awesome Customers!

Speaking not only on behalf of eTEK International, but all of our active customers as well - including some very large-scale government organizations, we have always received nothing but the very best professional and timely support from the ExaVault team.

- Al Blair, eTEK International

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