Receive Files on My Website

Build File Transfer Into Your Website

Integrate branded, drag-and-drop file transfer with just a few lines of HTML code.

Multiple integration options for improved workflows.

Embed A Customized File Upload Form

Customize the information you receive from customers when they send you files -- fields like client name, job number, email address, or any number of other fields.

Further, customize your embedded form with your logo and colors.

Customized Upload Form.
Just Embed Drag-And-Drop

Have an existing form that already sends data to your internal system? Embed an upload-only drag-and-drop widget directly in your own form, and interact with it via Javascript callbacks.

Drag and drop only form.
Embed A Shared Folder

With shared folders, you can make a set of files available to clients via your website or private customer portal.

For added security, you can choose to require a password and limit upload/download access.

Embedded Shared Folder.
Embed ExaVault

Install a small file on your website to load our entire interface at any URL you choose.; e.g.

Brand the interface with your colors and your logo, so that your customers have a consistent user experience.

Embedded Branded Interface.

Create Shared Folders Via API

API access lets you create new shares on-the-fly, for example as you onboard new customers to your website.

Gears and files.

Build Your Personalized File Transfer Now

Receive folders, customizable upload forms and a robust API provide endless options.

Trusted By These Awesome Customers!

In our opinion, the best FTP server for API integration. It’s a fantastic server with an extreme easy to implement API. It was crucial for our business success the decision for starting to work with ExaVault!

- Abílio Magalhães, from Portugal

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