Managed FTP Service

Get Real-Time Notifications

Enable and customize account activity notifications, so that you know exactly what you want to know.
Create notification.

Always In The Know

File Notifications

Set an alert for when a file has been uploaded, downloaded, moved, copied, or deleted.

Folder Notifications

Receive a notification anytime anything in a folder (including its subfolders) changes.

User Notifications
  • Create notifications for activity by specific users or groups.
  • Configure your account to send a notification when someone invited to a shared folder transfers files.
  • Get notified when you receive files from customers.
  • Add a custom message to email notifications.

Notify Your Server Too

Webhooks let you programmatically tell your server that an event has happened. Integrate ExaVault into your workflow by programming your application to take action every time a file is uploaded, downloaded, moved, or otherwise changed. See the webhooks documentation for more information.

Let Our Software Be Your Solution

Brand Your Dashboard

Don't accept generic -- take advantage of custom branding to showcase your company name and logo when using ExaVault.

View Your Usage

Account usage dashboard provides graphs that let you monitor transactions, track storage and users counts.

Trusted By These Awesome Customers!

ExaVault nailed it. It is rare to find a company that combines software reliability, features, simplicity and exceptional customer care.

- Tony (UAE)

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