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Cloud FTP Service

Modern, secure, accessible FTP service with more features and no fuss.

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Bringing Value to Your Business

Cloud FTP service gives your business a standards-compliant FTP server coupled with a modern web-based management interface accessible on any device.

More of What Matters

Save your money for what matters without sacrificing security or quality with an FTP service based in the cloud. ExaVault offers the features you need without the hassle of in-house maintenance.

Free Up Technical Staff

Anyone with admin permissions can manage your FTP site and file transfers. We take care of all the operational issues and secure your data on our hosted FTP server network. All your technical resources can remain dedicated to the things that keep your business on the right track.

With a cloud FTP service, none of your staff will ever need to be allocated to FTP server maintenance, FTP client compatibility, or building tools to support and secure your business file management or file transfers.

Save Infrastructure Money

Maintaining physical infrastructure, network, and FTP server software is simply not ideal for most businesses. Buying and maintaining this equipment isn't typically cost effective - the sheer number of hours building and maintaining an FTP server adds up.

The time and energy taken to set up your own FTP servers won’t give you anything close to what our cloud FTP service offers for a fraction of the cost.

More Than FTP Hosting

Modern file-sharing services offer much more than FTP hosting. The ability to upload and download files with an FTP client is just the tip of the iceberg.

ExaVault FTP Software also offers a full suite of web-based business tools that allow you to manage your FTP site, setup users, share large files, manage notifications, review log files, manage permissions, and set up integrations.

Get the secure FTP services you need with modern file sharing features with our FTP SaaS.


Cloud FTP Service with Flexible File Transfer

Hosted FTP service with the most flexible file transfer software and storage solution.

Unlimited Users

Creating users is painless with no additional cost per user. Create as many users as you need, whether its customers, contractors, or other systems.

No more sharing usernames and passwords. No more guessing when looking at the logs -- each user is easily tracked by username. Plus notifications can be set for whenever specific users take action in your account.

Data Speeds You Can't Believe

It’s not just about going fast, it’s about how much data can fit through the 'pipe'. ExaVault's infrastructure was built with large transfer bandwidth as a design principle. That means more files transferred, faster.

It’s not just about going fast, it’s about how much data can fit through the 'pipe'. ExaVault's infrastructure was built with large transfer bandwidth as a design principle. That means more files transferred, faster.

First-Class FTP Server

Onboarding your team with a new service should be easy. IT staff and developers can use their favorite FTP clients and choice of protocol with out cloud FTP service.

Plus our support engineers can help with support for 100’s of FTP clients like FileZilla, Cyberduck, WinSCP, and more, as well as enterprise integration software like Boomi and Mulesoft.

Secure Protocol Support

Send files securely through FTP, SFTP, or FTP-S.

We’re here to support your business 24/7 with real engineering support, because our FTP solution was built by engineers frustrated with the options on the market.

See our server security details.

Trusted By These Awesome Customers!

ExaVault is number 1 in my book! I love their easy to use interface for downloading and uploading files from my web browser. I also use FTP. I have tried other services but they can't match the speed of ExaVault.

- Wayne Brown, on Trustpilot

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Don't Forget Integrations

Our engineers have also created some of the most useful integrations for file transfer. Use our FTP service to interface with third party systems, or embed upload forms directly on your website to instantly receive files from clients. Point your developers to our developer section for more details.

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