Previewing Files

You can view the contents of certain image and document files directly in the file manager without downloading the files.

How to Access the Preview

How to access image previews.

1. Move your mouse over the icon of the file you want to view. If the file can be previewed on the server, the preview icon (a magnifying glass with a plus symbol) will display on top of the file icon.

2. Click the preview icon.

3. Use the buttons and links in the preview window to display multiple pages, download or close the preview.

Buttons at the bottom of the preview window allow you to preview other files in the same folder.

Using the Preview Window

Using the image preview window.

When the preview window is displayed for a file, several buttons are available:

  • The PREVIOUS and NEXT buttons at the bottom of the screen allow you to preview other images in the same folder, without closing the preview window
  • The Close Preview link closes the preview window
  • The Download link downloads the file you are currently previewing
  • If your document contains multiple pages, use the PREVIOUS and NEXT buttons to flip through the different pages of the document.

Which Files Can Be Viewed Online?

Only specific types of files can be displayed in a preview window:

  • Images, such as BMP, GIF, JPEG, JPG, and PNG
  • PDF files (with the extension PDF)
  • PSD files (with the extension PSD)
  • DOC files (with the extension DOC)

It's easy to tell whether a file can be previewed – move your mouse over the icon of the file. If the icon changes to show a magnifying glass, you can preview the file online.

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