File Size Limits

ExaVault supports very large files in our services. We can store files up to 4TB in size.

Uploads and Downloads

Our web interface supports uploads and downloads for files of any size. We routinely have folks upload and download 10GB+ files using a web browser. There are no technical limitations, but some browsers don't handle the file well when it gets very large.

We generally recommend FTP or SFTP to upload anything large (several GB or larger), because web browsers can run into memory limitations. You may also find that FTP connections provide faster transfers than web browsers when transferring or downloading very large files.

Zipped Files

When you download multiple items using our web interface, those items will automatically be compressed together into a single zip file. Our file compression program can handle files up to 10GB in size. If you try to download files or folders larger than 10GB in total size, you will receive an error.

If you need to download more than 10GB of files at one time, we recommend using FTP or SFTP.

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