Sharing Activity

The SHARE ACTIVITY provides a convenient place to view the status of everything that you've shared or sent from your account.

Accessing Your Sharing History

Accessing your sharing history.

To view the history of all your shared and sent items:

1. Click the Activity button on the main toolbar.

2. Click the SHARE ACTIVITY tab.

Your entries will be listed in the order that they were shared or sent, with the most recent on top.

In addition, if your share is still active, clicking the pull-down action menu will also option to:

  • Change the Settings
  • Invite others to your share
  • Preview the files
  • Stop Sharing

Viewing an Item's Details

Viewing a share item's details.

You can see detailed information about each entry in the list by clicking on it. A new window will open up that provides useful information:

  • A direct link to the share (if it is still available)
  • The user who shared the item
  • Whether a password is specified for the entry
  • Which files and folders are included
  • A listing of who was invited to the share
  • Recent activity with the share

Searching the SHARE ACTIVITY

You can use the search box at the top of the SHARE ACTIVITY page to search for any shared folders, receive folders or sent files.

You can search for:

  • The name of a shared folder or receive folder
  • The email address of a recipient
  • The name of a file that was sent
  • Part of the path to a folder that is shared

To search, just type the text you're looking for in the Search History field and press enter.

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