Direct Links

Direct links allow you to provide public access to folders which are hosted on your account via a unique web link. However, in contrast to shared folders or send files, direct links allow you to link to content directly, i.e. without having to load the ExaVault web interface. For example, this will allow you to post images to your website or another application.

Since direct links can potentially be abused to host content for mass file distribution, we have accordingly put bandwidth restrictions in place specifically for direct links.

ExaVault is neither a web hosting platform nor a content delivery network. As such, we expressly prohibit 'mass file distribution' – you cannot use your ExaVault account to distribute files (e.g. software updates, etc.) to hundreds or thousands of people. For more information, please contact us.

Setting up a direct link.

Only users with admin rights are able to view the Direct Link options.

To set up a folder for direct link access, in the ExaVault file manager use the right-click or actions menu on the desired folder and select the Direct Link option. You may also set this up inside the folder itself using the folder toolbar.

Once you have configured the folder for direct link access, you will be given a unique URL link for your folder path.

WARNING: Any folder you configure for direct link access is now publicly available for anyone on the internet to see, provided that they know the URL to the direct link.

Changing direct link settings.

To view the direct link settings for a folder with an existing direct link:

1. Locate the folder in the files listing.

2. Click the pull-down action menu and select the Direct Link Settings option.

In the settings pop-up, you have the option of whether or not folder listings are enabled. If the Enable Folder Directory Listing setting is OFF, the link to the direct folder will not show any contents when viewed in a web browser. You will still be able to append a filename to the direct link to access a single file. This option allows you to make individual files available through a direct link without exposing all items in the linked directory.

You can also disable the direct link from the settings pop-up window by clicking the Remove Direct Link button.

View an index of a Direct Link folder.

To view the index of your folder (and each sub-folder), paste the link that you obtained from the direct link setup into your browser. This will bring up an index of your folder - each folder or file too can be accessed directly via a link by appending the file or folder's relative path to the link obtained from setup.

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