Connectivity Limits

In order to make sure all ExaVault accounts are able to connect to the servers without issues, use all available features, and complete normal file functions, our systems have several limits in place to prevent exceptionally large activity.

An account may reach one of these limits when there is a process or unknown automation that is creating unintended activity. Below are some limits your account may encounter and additional information to help you troubleshoot.

Connection Limits

In order to maintain access for all our customers, we place the following restrictions on devices and scripts that will upload, query or poll our servers:

  • Each device (security camera/computer/etc.) connects to the server no more than once every thirty (30) seconds.
  • All devices in aggregate connect no more than six hundred (600) times per hour.
  • No more than forty (40) concurrent connections from any one IP address.
  • No more than thirty (30) concurrent connections from any one login.

A couple of things you can check to make things smoother:

  • Make sure any FTP-based scripts are explicitly closing connections behind them.
  • If you have anyone using FileZilla to connect via S/FTP, turn down the connections settings as FileZilla likes to continuously spin up new connections.

Bandwidth Limits

Bandwidth is the rate of data transfer (uploads/downloads) between your ExaVault account and clients connecting to your account. While storage is how much data sits on your account, bandwidth is how much data moves in and out of your account.

ExaVault limits high bandwidth to confirm accounts are not in violation of our following policies:

  • We do not allow daily data backup, account must have an incremental backup solution.
  • We do not allow mass file distribution from our servers.

To monitor for any breach of these policies, bandwidth usage is tracked for all accounts based on the current plan size.

Account Name

Bandwidth Limit


0.25TB a week


1.25TB a week


2.5TB a week


Contact for more information.

(Legacy plans may have different limits. See your Account Usage dashboard for details.)

What happens if your account is flagged for High Bandwidth?

While the limits above may flag your account for high bandwidth activity, we understand that you may experience occasional spikes in activity. For this reason, you will only be notified if your account is consistently using over 100% of your storage plan size.

After one week of high bandwidth use… no account changes.

We will flag your account for high activity but this is only for our internal tracking. If bandwidth returns to normal use, no follow-up is necessary

After two weeks of high bandwidth use… first email notification sent.

Once a second flag is applied, you will receive an automated note from our system notifying you that your account is using an excessive amount of bandwidth. We will request you reply to our support team so we can review your current process and make sure there is no unexpected behavior causing the high bandwidth.

After three weeks of high bandwidth use… second email notification sent.

If we have been in conversation with you to help troubleshoot, we will lower your high bandwidth flags to prevent your account receiving an increased alert level. If you have not contacted our support team and your account has been over 100% of storage use for three weeks, your account may be at risk of suspension. Please contact our support team as soon as possible.

After four weeks of high bandwidth use… final email notice and ACCOUNT SUSPENSION

If you failed to contact our support team after four weeks of high bandwidth use (over 100% of storage plan each week), we will suspend your account to prevent any impact to our other customers. Please contact our support team to remove the account suspension in order for users to access your account.

Troubleshooting High Bandwidth

If you receive email notifications about high bandwidth, do not panic. This notice does not mean that you are doing anything wrong. Here are some steps you can take to confirm there is no unexpected bandwidth use on your account:

1. Visit your Activity page and on the SESSIONS LOG, select filter “Type” = “Upload”.

2. Review the recent activity in uploads and make note of the following behavior:
- Are the same files being uploaded multiple times a day/hour?

- Does this specific file require such frequent uploads?

- If no, make note of the username for follow-up to discuss the user's process and confirm if the frequency of uploads can be reduced.

- If frequent uploads are required, be sure to inform our support team of your process when replying.

- If your account appears to have user(s) that are not interacting with your server as intended, you can “lock” the individual(s) on the Users page to prevent logins while troubleshooting. This will prevent unwanted spikes in bandwidth while you troubleshoot.

3. Return to the Sessions log and repeat step 2 for filter “Type” = “Download”.

Regardless of the results of your investigation, be sure to reply to our support team on the High Bandwidth automated email you received and we will provide additional assistance to make sure your account does not have an interruption in service.

Daily Transaction Limits

Visit our Daily Transaction Limits support page for more information.

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