Platforms & Supported Browsers

What platforms does ExaVault support?

We support web access via any modern web browser, and you can also connect to your FTP, SFTP, or FTP-SSL server with any modern operating system. There is desktop software available for most platforms.

Browsers that Work With ExaVault Accounts

We support all standard Internet browsers. If you find that some features are not working correctly, check to see if an update is available for your favorite browser.

  • Internet Explorer (Microsoft Windows)
  • Microsoft Edge (Microsoft Windows)
  • Google Chrome (Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X versions)
  • Mozilla Firefox (Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X)
  • Safari (Mac OS X)


Minimum Version

Internet Explorer


Microsoft Edge

All versions supported

Google Chrome

Latest stable version



Mozilla Firefox


In order to work with ExaVault, a browser must support:

  • Javascript / ECMA Script
  • HTML 5

Operating Systems that Work With ExaVault Accounts

ExaVault accounts have been tested, and are supported on, any platform. If you can connect to the Internet, you can upload and download files. That's the beauty of standardized protocols – they work everywhere!

Here's a summary list of operating systems that have connected and transferred files successfully to ExaVault accounts:


Apple Macintosh




Any version of Unix

Windows 3.1


Any distribution of Linux

Windows NT 3.5


Any distribution of BSD

Windows NT 4



Windows 95



Windows 98


Windows ME

Windows 2000

Server 2003

Windows XP

Windows Vista

Server 2008

Windows 7

Server 2010

Windows 8

Windows 10

… and if your operating system isn't listed, let us know about it!

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