Monthly Maintenance

Each month, the ExaVault servers receive a routine maintenance to ensure optimal performance for all connections.

The maintenance occurs every 3rd to last day of each month at 07:03 UTC

For example: If the month ends on the 30th, the maintenance will run on the 28th @ 07:03 UTC

Additional notes about scheduled maintenance:

  • The maintenance typically runs for less than 10 minutes but may last up to 60 minutes.
  • During the maintenance, the ExaVault service will be intermittently unavailable.
  • All connection attempts will fail and typically receive the error message: 451 Login incorrect...

To minimize the impact of this maintenance, it is recommended that:

  • Any automated tasks or scheduled jobs that typically take place during 07:03 UTC on the 3rd to last day of the month are adjusted to avoid the potential maintenance window. For example: for best performance, do not schedule tasks during 07:00 to 08:00 UTC on the 3rd to last day, each month.
  • If this maintenance happens during your local working hours, add an internal calendar reminder for your organization and/or any clients that may be impacted by the scheduled maintenance.
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