Additional Client Area Logins

Granting Client Area permissions to a contact in the ExaVault Client Area.

Granting contact permissions to log into the Client Area allows them to manage your accounts for you. To enable client area access, edit the contact, check the Allow Client Area access checkbox and enter a password.

  • You may grant access individually to each of the client area pages and features listed below.
  • Checking all of them effectively makes the contact an administrator.

Note: You only need to provide contact with client area access if you need them to manage your relationship with ExaVault (paying invoices, opening tickets, ordering new service, etc.). If you just need to provide someone with access to your ExaVault storage space, you should login to ExaVault web file manager and create a user for them.

Modify Master Account Profile

Checking this option will allow the contact to change the primary name and address of the account, as well as the credit card that is used for billing.

View & Manage Contacts

This option allows the contact to change and add other contacts – including contacts that can log in to the Client Area.

View/Manage Storage Accounts & Sub-Accounts

Checking this option will allow the contact to access the account overview pages, where they can view details about your accounts.

View & Modify Product Passwords

If this option is enabled, the contact will be able to change the master FTP password for the account.

View & Pay Invoices

Enabling this option will allow the contact to access the history of invoices on the invoice page. They will be able to view and download the entire history of invoices from the account.

View & Open Support Tickets

Activating this option will allow the contact to view past support tickets and open new ones from the tickets page. Note that this option is not necessary to enable emails to and from contacts to be associated with your account.

View Emails

Checking this option allows the contact to view the entire history of email communications for the account.

Place New Order/Upgrades/Cancellations

If this option is enabled, then the contact will be able to access the order page as well as submit a cancellation request.

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