Webhooks Logs

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Webhooks Logs

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Admin users can access the webhooks logs. Webhooks logs are a record of every webhook call that our system has made, and information on the success or failure of that call. Webhooks can be configured in the developer settings.

To access your webhooks logs:

  1. Log in as an admin user.
  2. Click the Activity button on the main toolbar.
  3. Click on the WEBHOOK LOGS tab.

Fields included in the logs:

  • date and time - when the webhook triggered
  • endpoint URL - where the message was sent
  • event - type of action in ExaVault that caused the webhook to trigger
  • status - message status code
  • attempt - number of attempts to deliver the message
  • response size - size of the response sent
  • details - message details in the response

For details on using webhooks, please see the webhooks developer documentation.

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