File Management For Finance & Accounting

Why Web FTP for Financial Services

When you work in the financial or accounting industry, choosing the right business file sharing solution is critical. Data security and detailed logs usually make the top of the list. With online services being available 24 hours a day, web-based file management also makes the list.
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3 Tips for Combining Productive Work with Travel

Combining Work and Travel can be Quite the Experience.

From planning the trip and coordinating schedules to file sharing all the documentation needed for travel. You may have thought of all the things your work team needs to travel across nine time zones, but are you set up for a productive work week?
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Business File Sharing for Marketing Teams & Creative Agencies

Why Use a Business File Sharing Service for Your Marketing Team

When you’re part of a marketing team, image hosting and online photo storage help your creative process flourish. Media and marketing teams often have multiple projects in multiple stages of development. This requires a business file sharing service with the ability to manage your team. From unlimited users to granular permissions. Choose who can access which files. Allow certain team members to upload, download and edit files.
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9 Essential Business FTP and File Sharing Features

Does your file sharing solution meet the needs of your business in today’s online world? FTP  and the ability to quickly and securely send large files are just the tip of the features iceberg. We’ve compiled a list of file sharing features designed for businesses. Plus a look at Enterprise FTP which can offer an organization high capacity storage and premium support.
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FTP Troubleshooting: Tips and Tricks

Are you having problems connecting?

As you know, we’ve been hard at work upgrading our architecture, and part of that work involves moving accounts from our older servers to our new servers. For most of our customers, this is a smooth transition, and everything works just fine after the move. Sometimes, though, a connection you’ve relied on for a while just stops working.
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FTP vs SFTP: What, How And Why?

Acronyms are flying all over the internet. Everyone is sharing photos, files and asking questions on forums. Have you ever asked a question online and gotten so many answers you ended up more confused? Have you been asked a question you didn’t know the answer to? Like how do I download an FTP client? Then felt compelled to research it so you could go back and answer with confidence?
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