Mass User Creation, Custom Welcome Emails, and More

Published on 14 May 2015

In the last few releases of ExaVault’s software, we’ve been honing some of our more ‘enterprise’ features. We’re not talking about the rental car company or famed galaxy-class starship. We’re talking improvements that make the lives of people who deal with many users easier!

Easy Mass User Creation

One of the biggest frustrations for anyone who needs to make a boat-load of new user accounts is, well, actually making all those user accounts. To make this easier, we’ve just introduced a tool. You can upload a CSV file full of users, and have them created instantly.

If you’re not already in the know, a CSV file is like an Excel Workbook, but saved as a text file. You can create one with all of the email addresses, users’ names and initial passwords that you would like to create. Upload it with our new ‘Import Users’ feature and it all your users will be automatically created! No more carpal tunnel for you, Mr. or Mrs. Account Manager!

CSV file turning into multiple users in account.

Speak Directly to Your New Users

We’ve always tried to get out of the way as much as we can. We offer a number of rebranding options, such as customizing your logo, color scheme and more.

We’re adding one more today: Account Managers can customize the welcome email that users get after an account is created for them. Do you need to tell your users some company specific policy about flip-flops in the workplace when their ExaVault account is made? Go right ahead!

Custom welcome email.

You can find this option under your Account Preferences. You can even preview the email that will be sent out!

Sshhh, I’m Creating Keys

Fair warning: If you don’t already know what an SSH Key is, you don’t need to read this section. There, time saved!

SSH keys.

If you use SSH keys to automatically login to your account, you can now create those keys directly from SWFT. Just go to the Users tab, and click the ‘SSH Key’ button for the user you want to generate a key for. It will automatically be installed in the account and downloaded to your computer. See our documentation for more on how to use SSH Keys.

After all this enterprise talk, we could really go for some Romulan ale.
We’ll see you next time, ExaVaulintarians!- The ExaVault Team

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