Overwrite Options & Form Builder Upgrades

Published on 12 Sep 2019

We’ve introduced new overwrite options, new form builder drag & drop capabilities, and better compression for downloading!

New Upload & Overwrite Options

We are now offering file overwrite options that allow you to select how you want to process files when uploading them. When uploading a file that previously failed to complete, or a file that has already been uploaded, the modal will automatically pop up. Select resume, skip, or overwrite, for each file being uploaded in that session.

File overwrite options modal.

Form Builder Improvements

Our file upload forms for receive folders just got easier to customize and change to suit your business. Smooth drag and drop lets you create a new field by dragging from the options on the right to the spot you want the field in your form.

Form builder drag and drop customization.

If you need to start over, the “Reset to Default” action button lets you restore the default fields. 

Form builder option to reset to defaults.

If you have the embedding option turned on and saved for your form, you will get a new “preview” link under allow embedding in the form settings. This preview link will show you a basic embedded preview of your customized form.

  • Go to the receive folder settings.
  • Check the “Allow Embedding” option.
  • Select “Save Changes” at the bottom.
  • Go back to the settings — you can now access the enhanced preview link.

Where to find the enhanced form preview link.

Compression for Downloading

File compression status notification.

If you download a lot of large files, the application now displays the progress for compression of your files. No more guessing when files have been zipped or wondering if any progress is being made with your download.

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