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Published on 21 Aug 2018 - Updated on 09 Apr 2020

Why Web FTP for Financial Services? When you work in the financial or accounting industry, choosing the right business file sharing solution is critical. Data security and detailed logs usually make the top of the list. With online services being available 24 hours a day, web-based file management also makes the list.

We call this Web FTP. The perfect file sharing solution with secure FTP access for large financial files plus an easy to use web-based interface. Add customizable features to get the most out of your online file management solution.

Web-Based File Management

Turn to a file transfer service that makes it simple for you to access your files and documents anytime, from any device. Manage all your files and folders in one place with drag and drop functionality and one-click sharing.

Receiving files from clients should be simple. Set up receive folders, which allow clients to visit a special URL to upload files right into your account. With our new form builder, you can even request optional metadata along with the files. Plus, you can customize the file upload form to ensure you are getting the information you need to accurately maintain your clients’ financial records.

Activity Logs and More

Logs provide important insights into account activity. Sign in to your file sharing account to easily manage notifications and logs. Get the details you want with comprehensive activity logs and statistics. Filter logs for a range of variables including user, date, file name, even activity type (upload, download, etc.) It’s file management made for financial services.

Be Accountable With Flexible Permissions

Financial services need to be accountable for pretty much everything. Flexible permissions help with that. You decide who can upload, download, access files and more. All permissions are set through a modern web-based interface. It’s easy to update permissions as user roles change, or additional access is required. You can also keep things locked down by setting a home folder for users that provides limited access to your files.

Protect Your Sensitive Data With the Right Solution

Choose a file sharing solution that provides Enterprise-Grade security. From data security to GDPR compliance, the right solution for finance offers additional security options. First is a secure FTP server with firewalls and intrusion detection. Additional security features can include complex password enforcement, IP address restrictions and secure protocols like SFTP and FTP-SSL.

Build Confidence With Custom Branding

Web FTP is excellent for financial and accounting services. Our modern interface and secure FTP support ensures reliable file transfer that let’s you build confidence with your clients through custom branding. Custom branding takes your secure FTP and file sharing solution and turns it into an extension of your financial service. Show your company’s name, logo, URL, and even customize emails. It’s a total win for your business.

Coins on table - finance and file management.

Want to test-drive all our file sharing features designed for finance and accounting? Start your free trial today!

Or contact us to review enterprise account options including high capacity cloud storage and a dedicated account manager.

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