Improve Your Buy Now: Business File Transfer For Retail & E-commerce

Published on 12 Oct 2018 - Updated on 09 Apr 2020

Retail chains are a shopping staple. With today’s online market more connections and sales are being made online. A great business file transfer service can help retail stores and e-commerce businesses with the tools and features to keep you on track.

Don’t Let a File Transfer Solution Slow Down Sales

An easy to navigate web file manager makes it simple to manage your files and folders all in one place. Transfer files and stay connected with the corporate office, retail stores, vendors, employees and everyone else that helps move your product from shop or warehouse to customers.

Credit card being used for retail e-commerce purchase.

Stay On Top Of Inventory and More

You need a simple way to know what’s going on with your file shares. Real-time notifications and activity logs for your business file sharing account are essential for retail. Set up notifications, so you know when files are uploaded or when other file changes occur. Get even more peace of mind with the ability to download activity logs so you can keep track of who has accessed which files and folders.

Business File Sharing Features Designed for Retail & E-commerce

ExaVault file sharing services include custom branding, easy website integration via our API, unlimited users, and granular permissions. These are essential file sharing features designed for retail and e-commerce businesses.

Custom Branding:

Let vendors and online customers see your company name and logo by taking advantage of custom branding options. This keeps your clients interacting with your company, enhancing your retail relationships and your visibility. ExaVault has four steps to get you set up with fully branded file sharing.

Custom branding options for retail and e-commerce file sharing.

E-commerce Website Integration:

Integrate your ExaVault file sharing service directly into your e-commerce site. Integration is easy with our powerful API. Retail websites benefit greatly from setting up receive folders with custom file upload forms. Use our form builder to create customized forms that allow you to collect order information and files from your customers. Then, add the form to your website so customers can upload files directly to your account. Don’t make customers access another site when they can stay connected with your retail business.

Unlimited Users & Permissions:

Product costs and marketing budges can fluctuate for retail businesses based on sales and seasonality. Unlimited users with no per-user fee lets employees access the files they need without adjusting your budget. Having the users you need also allows your retail business to work with contractors, vendors, suppliers, even graphic artists and freelance writers without incurring extra file sharing costs. And with permissions, you control who can access which files and folders and for how long.

Data Security & Support

Focus on your sales and let ExaVault worry about data security and IT issues. With hosted S/FTP, you can send large files while we take care of the FTP server. Our enterprise-grade security with audit and control keeps your inventory and business data safe and secure.

Any questions or concerns, we are here to help with rockstar engineer support. Get the business file sharing solution that provides secure file transfer, custom branding and more.

Retail business sign says yes, we are open.

Start your free trial today and discover file transfer features that will help keep your retail or e-commerce business in the green.

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