Admin Like a Boss: Why Setup an FTP Account

Published on 12 Apr 2018

Be the boss you always knew you could be with the help of great features to manage all your business files, folders, and users in your hosted FTP account.

Learn about the benefits of a web-based interface for your branded FTP account. Plus flexible user permissions that put you in control. And get notified when files are uploaded or downloaded to the account.

Web-Based File Sharing – Boss Those Files Around

A hosted FTP service with web-based file management is designed to make the boss’s job easier. Features like drag and drop and file preview make business file sharing less of a chore. Switch the view from timeline to gallery mode in your browser to visually sort and locate the files you need.

ExaVault gallery mode sample in web interface.

With all your files and folders in one easy-to-manage place, you never have to rummage around for missing paperwork. Store what you need on a secure FTP server and access what you need from anywhere.

Away from your desk (like bosses often are), no problem. You can access your files on your mobile device or tablet. A single click shares a folder and instantly creates a unique shared folder URL you can send via email or instant message. So, go ahead and tell those files where to go.

Whip Your Business Into Action With Custom Branding

To show off your boss skills, take your business to the next level with custom branding. Branded business file sharing lets you turn your ExaVault hosted FTP and file storage account into an extension of your business.

When it comes to the file sharing side of things, a great boss makes sure all mention of the FTP service is eliminated. Custom branding built right in, means you get to show your business, not ours. Take charge and easily update your FTP account to showcase your business name, logo, colors and URL, even on emails!

Custom branding options for your FTP account.

Flexible Permissions – It’s a Form of Delegating

Once you’ve organized and started bossing all those business files and folders around, you can put your employees to work. A flexible permissions model makes you the boss of who can access which files and for how long. Permissions can be set per user so individuals can upload files, download, and access data however you decide.

Notifications keep you looped in, so you always know what is going on with your file shares and FTP storage. Set up notifications to alert you about any account activity including when a specific file has been deleted, renamed or uploaded. Get notifications through the web-based file manager, or sign up for email notifications and get delivery notifications when files are received.

Security Features that Keep the Big Bosses Happy

Now you’re ready to admin like a boss. For whoever you report to, here are some additional security features that are sure to earn you another pat on the back and more.

  • You can enforce secure HTTPS / SFTP connections.
  • Limit IP address ranges allowed to log into your hosted FTP account.
  • Users can be forced to use complex passwords.

ExaVault is FTP Evolved with a fantastic set of business file sharing features. Show your boss who’s the boss with our full list of features including Enterprise-grade security.

Take charge of your file transfer – Setup your ExaVault FTP account today!

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