Google Drive for Teams, ExaVault for Businesses

Published on 15 Sep 2017 - Updated on 28 Jan 2020

Technology is developing at a fervent pace these days. Keeping current means the difference between edging out your competitors and being edged out yourself. If it hasn’t already, the day will come when you’ll be sending a project folder to your client via Gmail and get prompted with “Large files must be shared with Google Drive” before you can proceed. You’ll sit back and ask yourself “Has my business outgrown Google Drive?”.

Keep reading and see the alternative to Google Drive for business file transferring with features that you may not have thought about, or may have thought weren’t within reach of your business at a price you could afford.

Hosted S/FTP vs Cloud

At first glance, both Exavault and Google Drive are file storage solutions, with one being a hosted S/FTP service, the other is a Cloud service. A cloud is a network of remote servers hosted on the Internet. Aka the Cloud, is pretty common lingo these days so you may be familiar with it. The primary purpose being file storage, shared access, security, and collaborative editing.

Cloud solutions like Drive are great options for teams and small businesses with low needs. A hosted S/FTP service may sound a little more foreign as it’s borne out of FTP or File Transfer Protocol, connecting clients to host computers or servers. ExaVault’s hosted S/FTP service is a hybrid model including the benefits of the cloud with the often rich business use features you get with FTP facilitating the file exchange.

So today the hosted S/FTP model looks like this:

  • You don’t need to tie up your own technical staff.
  • You don’t have to worry about physical network and server infrastructure.
  • You have the instant use of well-designed tools, built to support your workflow.
  • You never have to worry about space or capacity planning again.
  • You can let the professionals handle the security on somebody else’s payroll.
  • You don’t have to worry about bandwidth or file size restrictions for file uploads.

Making Client Meetings Happen

A lot of businesses prefer working with web tools today. Even creatives like web designers and photographers prefer not to spend time on uploading proofs or endless Gigabytes of photos onto flash drives just to meet with their clients. It’s extra steps, time lost, and time is money. Furthermore, it’s just not how they want to be spending their time.

With Google Drive, you can definitely share files with your client before you meet with them. But what happens if you are running behind schedule with getting files to them for review? You could be stuck another hour uploading them to drive or some other cloud solution. With ExaVault powered by S/FTP, you can send those files quickly with enough time to stop for coffee on your way to meet with them. And they’ll have the files in time before your meeting making it more productive for both parties.

Secure Unlimited File Sharing

Cloud solutions let you share files online, and you can share out links to many people with Drive. But do you need to control permissions for the files you shared? ExaVault’s hybrid hosted S/FTP lets you have unlimited users, meaning you control who has access to what and for how long. Plus you don’t have to worry about bumping into the next price tier just because you have more clients or teammates to do business with chipping away at your bottom line.

Often with cloud solutions, there is no guarantee your business files will survive a downtime event. Such risks are non-issues at Exavault with our hybrid hosted S/FTP service. It has physical infrastructure in a secure datacenter, giving the ExaVault team total control over the network. The ExaVault team is working every day on monitoring, maintaining, and improving the security of this infrastructure and ultimately your files.

World-Class Support

Tap “Help” in Google and you’ll be presented FAQ section, and then you’ll get to the contacts. Exavault first gives contact options and then FAQs should you want to explore information yourself. But that’s not it; our support team will fix your problem and make a ticket in your Client Area so that you can see the status of the solution process. You’re running a business, don’t spend your time in FAQs when you need to get back to making money.

Google Drive for Teams, Exavault for Businesses

Drive is a great place to maintain internal files and team documentation. All team members have access to them, can work with them collaboratively online, share them or create new ones. 

Having an ExaVault account means you can do that too, but you can also present external clients with your branding or business name when exchanging files. Your clients can download or upload files from a page with your logo, name, and identity. Your clients won’t be off-put by a third-party page because it looks like your website.

On top of that Exavault has a built-in notification and monitoring system. Send files configured with password and notification options. You’ll be sure the files were downloaded, allowing you to know to follow up on the next steps.

The ExaVault dashboard allows you a full view of all the actions online with robust logging including IP sources. Your business account can add an unlimited amount of users so you can work on Exavault with your whole team plus clients and contractors. Our S/FTP access works with popular software you already know: FileZilla, Cyberduck, WS_FTP. Moreover, you can make your own “ecosystem” using features for developers with our rich API.

In Closing

So back to the question, “Has my business outgrown Google Drive?”. We don’t advise against Google Drive, it is a cool product that meets the needs for low needs teams. With ExaVault’s hybrid hosted S/FTP service, your team can get to scale as a business with unlimited clients and teammates. Manage files online, transfer files via SFTP, and stay notified when important files are uploaded. And never worry about security. Plus custom branding makes it look like you, so you can get back to your business.

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