Business File Sharing for Marketing Teams & Creative Agencies

Published on 19 Jul 2018 - Updated on 31 Jan 2020

When you’re part of a marketing team, image hosting and online photo storage help your creative process flourish. Media and marketing teams often have multiple projects in multiple stages of development.

Why Use a Business File Sharing Service for Your Marketing Team

A business file sharing service can help you manage your team. From unlimited users to granular permissions. Choose who can access which files. Allow certain team members to upload, download and edit files.

Security For More Than Just Peace of Mind

Turn to a business file sharing service that offers additional security options. First is a secure FTP server with firewalls and intrusion detection. Add on security features that fit your marketing team’s needs. These features can include complex password enforcement, IP address restrictions and secure protocols like SFTP.

Access Files from Desktop, Laptop, Tablet or Smartphone

Your creative team needs secure file transfers no matter where team members are accessing them. Creative groups and marketing teams appreciate access to files and folders in a web-based file manager. Just log on from any device and find the files you need.

Easy web management and custom branding keep all aspects of your business within your marketing strategy and within the brand of your business. And if it’s easy to search and find files, your team will keep storing their creations.

More Than Just Photography Storage

Hosted FTP is excellent for photo backup. FTP hosting provides fast transfers so you can send large files without delay. Plus, your team cuts their budget with hosted FTP. Save time and money when you put the technical stuff and FTP server maintenance in the hands of dedicated engineers. Going with hosted FTP for business file sharing and storage leaves more time for creative endeavors.

Marketing team meeting to work on a project.

Start your free trial today and try all the file sharing features your team definitely needs and will love!

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