SFTP Server Hosting

SFTP Server Hosting

ExaVault gives you world-class cloud SFTP storage, with the security your business expects and deserves from an SFTP service.

Your developers will love our direct server access with any FTP client, as well as webhooks and API for automation.

Your business users will love our responsive web interface that lets them manage files, review activity, and more.

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Hosted SFTP Saves Money and Time

Cloud-based SFTP server hosting delivers the best of both worlds: a secure FTP storage solution and sophisticated web-based tools that simplify your daily file management tasks. Running your own FTP server or hosting service is expensive -- and you typically are stuck with an outdated desktop interface to manage the server. Using ExaVault's FTP servers, forgo technical and security worries, and stop spending time on maintaining a server.

Built to Scale

It's easy to upgrade as your business grows. Our accounts are designed to meet changes in your transfer and storage needs.


Don't worry about security. All of ExaVault's FTP services support secure protocols like SFTP. SFTP offers an additional layer of security, encrypting your file transfers in-transit.

A Modern SFTP Server

Full SFTP server hosting means all the bells and whistles are included. You get an updated web-based file management interface.

Every account includes advanced drag and drop capabilities, comprehensive user management, notifications and activity logs, plus a full suite of file sharing features and developer tools.

Additional Security at Your Fingertips

SFTP server hosting includes a number of other high security features, including:

  1. The ability to enforce complex passwords.
  2. File shares which expire after a certain period of time.
  3. Require connections at the highest level of security.
  4. IP whitelisting, so only certain IP ranges can even access your files or account.
  5. Public and private SSH keys with your SFTP client for secure, automated connections.
Increase Security Options.
Compatibility & Support

ExaVault is compatible with any FTP client and we offer full protocol support backed by our team of dedicated engineers.

The interface is easy to use so you and your team can securely access files from a desktop or mobile device.

Take SFTP Hosting to the Next Level with Developer Tools

Webhooks let you programmatically tell your server that an event has happened. Integrate ExaVault into your workflow – program your application to take action every time a file is uploaded/downloaded/moved/etc. See the API documentation for more information.


Whereas FTP is its own protocol, SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol) is a network protocol allowing for file transfer and management designed to work as an extension of SSH which provides the secure connection. Unlike FTP, SSH encrypts both the commands that are sent and the transferred data.

The bottom line is that while FTP and SFTP may seem similar in functionality, they are not directly related technologies. Most FTP clients support both protocols, making it easy for you to choose the protocol you want to use to connect with our cloud servers. Depending on your needs for security, or business requirements, you may be required to use SFTP. We fully support both as well as FTP-S.

Trusted By These Awesome Customers!

Speaking not only on behalf of eTEK International, but all of our active customers as well - including some very large-scale government organizations, we have always received nothing but the very best professional and timely support from the ExaVault team.

- Al Blair, eTEK International

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