Our Year in Review: The Best of 2020

Published on 05 Jan 2021

Happy New Year! We finally said goodbye to 2020! It was a tough one, but still a good one – we got a lot done. You’ll see some of the highlights below, including new team members, product features, process changes, and a ton of developer stuff.

After that, take a look at some newer content showcasing what you can do with our API, and if you use FileZilla we review a few advanced features you may find useful.

The Best of 2020

Two engineers working on product roadmap.

  • We improved our internal processes to provide more personalized support.
  • We added seven new people to the team, with more to come. Check out open positions here. (Feel free to pass it along if you know a great candidate.)
  • And all through the year we worked on creating and sharing new content, improving the user experience, and learning more about our customers.

Top Video of the Year

There are lots of flavors and variations of the file transfer protocol. We put together this video to help clarify What’s the Difference? SFTP vs FTPS. More than a thousand people have viewed it on YouTube!

What Can You do with Our API? 

Start automating. You can use our API to track and move incoming files, import files, verify file status, and more. Learn more in our blog: What You Can Do with an API? Start Automating.

API automating file transfer in the cloud.

Ready to start automating? For more information on getting started with our API, check out our developer API docs.

FileZilla Advanced Features

Do you use FileZilla? This popular FTP client has some nifty features including directory comparison and synchronized browsing. Learn How to Use FileZilla Advanced Features in our recent blog post.

Example of using advanced features in FileZilla.

Find Out More >>

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