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Published on 23 Mar 2022

Dear Customers, Partners, Friends and Family:

I have some exciting news to share today. We’re merging with Files.com to create the world’s largest company focused exclusively on cloud native SaaS Managed File Transfer.

If you don’t know Files.com, you’ll find a very similar file transfer platform to ours – only with many more capabilities. Among other things, Files.com has global data storage options, significantly more granular security and permissions, syncing capability with other cloud platforms, and out-of-the-box SOC-2 compliance.

We’re merging our platforms and our teams, and are excited to be able to bring you an even more powerful offering in the short term.

Merging Teams

Our entire workforce has joined the Files.com team and three members of ExaVault’s leadership have joined the Files.com executive leadership team. ExaVault CEO, David Ordal, is now the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of the combined Files.com/ExaVault business, which will have an annual R&D budget 5x higher than the previous ExaVault R&D budget.

I am excited to join an industry leader like Files.com, who has a proven reputation of supporting customers through powerful solutions and exceptional service. Files.com’s mission and approach mirror how we think and operate.

David Ordal

ExaVault’s Elizabeth Langill is now the head of Customer Support for the combined business. The Sales and Customer Support team of the new combined business is 7x larger than the previous ExaVault team.

Together, our combined company has more than 60 people, including an engineering team 3X larger than ExaVault’s, and so I’m excited to be able to innovate that much faster.

Merging Platforms

While we’ll continue to run a standalone ExaVault platform in the short term, over the course of the next year, we’ll be bringing ExaVault platform technology and capabilities to Files.com, and then working to migrate all our existing customers onto the combined platform.

Once upgraded, every ExaVault customer will get the following additional capabilities and benefits included with their subscription:

  • SOC-2 compliance
  • Global footprint: Your choice of 7 regions for file storage, including Europe, UK, Australia, Japan, and Singapore
  • Built-in Microsoft Office integration, supporting real-time co-editing
  • Stronger security features, including encryption at rest, 3 more types of 2FA, and more compressive controls around IP lists, keys, and passwords
  • Granular permissions capabilities
  • Desktop app (Windows and Mac)
  • Mobile App (iOS and Android)
  • Command line app, better API, and SDKs for 6 languages
  • Higher quality, instant search results

The Files.com platform also offers powerful premium features and capabilities, available for an additional cost, including:

  • Full custom domains, with custom SSL certificates and dedicated IP address
  • Real-time and scheduled sync integrations with 3rd party storage services such as Amazon S3, Azure, Google Cloud, SharePoint, Box, Dropbox, and more.
  • Bi-directional FTP/SFTP, meaning Files.com can act as an FTP/SFTP client in addition to a server, enabling complex workflows.
  • Advanced Automation and Workflows, including bi-directional webhooks, GPG Encryption/Decryption, Clickwraps, and Watermarking
  • Enterprise Single Sign On (SSO) supporting all major SSO providers
  • HIPAA compliance with BAA
  • … and much more.

We will be helping customers upgrade to the Files.com platform on a rolling basis from now through mid 2023. With over 4,500 customers to upgrade, we are working slowly and methodically to ensure that the process is smooth for every customer.

A Few Notes of Thanks

As we begin this new chapter, I want to thank our team, customers, friends, partners and family for their support.

I started this business more than a decade ago, and more than a dozen customers from our first year are still with us today. We had little more than a single FTP server back then, with a Java applet for the ‘web’ interface. Today, it’s a fully distributed, redundant platform that powers some of the world’s most critical business flows.

My team is what made that possible – from top notch engineering, to phenomenal customer success, marketing and operations. We have a 4.8 out of 5 rating on G2, among others, and it's all thanks to them.

Finally, I want to thank my wife, Katherine. We are celebrating our 15th wedding anniversary this year, and her support has never wavered.

The entire ExaVault team is looking forward to working with our new friends at Files.com, and to many more exciting years ahead. We’ve provided a short FAQ, below, to answer some of the most common questions about our merger. As always, please feel free to reach out to support@exavault.com if you have questions – faces both old and new are ready to answer.




I want one of those premium features! Can I upgrade to the Files.com platform today?

We are committed to ensuring that the platform upgrade platform process is smooth for every customer. We are opening access to the seamless automatic upgrade process on a rolling basis to ensure that we have the customer support resources to serve every customer.

Alternatively, customers may choose to perform a self-service upgrade by following our upgrade guide at any time. To learn more about this option, please contact us at support@exavault.com.

Will Feature X be available on the combined ExaVault/Files.com platform?

Basically… yes. While the Files.com platform already supports most of ExaVault’s capabilities, there are some things that we are bringing over from the ExaVault platform to the Files.com platform. While we anticipate that some features will work slightly differently around the edges, we’ll be providing training and documentation on the differences. Once you’ve migrated, you’ll also get all of the capabilities outlined above.

How exactly does this upgrade process work?

We’re currently in the process of bringing ExaVault technology and capabilities to the Files.com platform. Once that’s complete, we expect to help customers upgrade to the combined platform on a rolling basis through mid 2023. We will reach out to you via email with plenty of advance notice when we are ready to help your site through the upgrade process.

As we said above, we are committed to making the upgrade process smooth, easy, and without any to your business and file transfer operations. You will have unlimited access to our (now much larger) customer support department to ensure that everything goes perfectly.

Will I be forced to upgrade to the combined platform?

The Files.com/ExaVault combined platform offers increased stability, uptime, capabilities, and support. It is also where all our R&D, innovation, and technical efforts are being directed.

We are committed to offering a smooth and automated migration process that avoids any impact or downtime to your business and file transfer operations. We will be working very closely with our larger and Enterprise customers to ensure a perfect and seamless migration process.

We expect to sunset the legacy ExaVault platform (and thus require a platform upgrade for all customers) by mid 2023.

Is the ExaVault Platform still accepting signups?

The legacy ExaVault platform is still accepting signups. We expect to sunset ExaVault signups later in 2022.

Will my pricing change?

To assuage concerns about pricing, we have created special annual, 2-year, and 3-year offers that will allow you to lock in a price for an extended contract term. If you lock in a price, that price will be valid for the full term on both the legacy ExaVault platform and the combined Files.com/ExaVault platform.

To learn more about the available offers, please give us a call at (510) 500-0245 or email sales@exavault.com.

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