Interactive Tools Improve Support Visibility for Clients

Published on 19 Jan 2021

Feedback and experience with other online tools led us to realize that the best form of support for a SaaS product is support you can access while using the product.


Improving customer experience is a core focus here at ExaVault. While using ExaVault, it’s important that clients are able to ask a question or share their perspective on a feature with the support team.

We have always had a help menu available in our web application. There have been several iterations and updates to how it looks and functions that we have rolled out in order to make it even better than it was previously.

The previous version appeared quite narrow on the screen. The menu did not present itself as a helpful, interactive element. So, we decided to give this pop-out menu more space to breathe. We envisioned an on-screen element that clearly showed what it was there to do for you. 

Updated Help Menu

Instead of a one-column layout, now it has two columns – one for the help library and one for the interactive tutorials. No need to scroll within the help menu. Symbols clearly show which items link to pages or videos. Completed tutorials are clearly marked.

ExaVault interactive help menu.

What Do You Need Help With?

Changing the shape was just the beginning. We also cleaned up and recategorized things in the menu to make it more clear what did what. 

There are 3 main areas:

  1. Help Library
  2. ExaVault Interactive Tutorials
  3. Support Buttons

Help Library

First is the Help Library. It allows you to get contextual help for the page you’re looking at in the ExaVault application. If you’re looking at your files, you will see help topics related to using the file manager. When you are looking at notifications, help about notifications will display. 

We also present a standard search box above the library topics. This is a shortcut to our full support documentation (which you can also find here) if you have a question about a specific topic.

Interactive Tutorials

If you are a new user you’ll see a list of ExaVault Interactive Tutorials on the right. Tutorials are designed to give a quick walkthrough and show how features work. They are available for your first 30 days, or if you are an admin user on the account.

ExaVault interactive tutorials guide users through the application to do a number of tasks – from uploading files to managing users. Once you complete a tutorial, it will be checked off. Don’t worry, you can always click the tutorial to do it again if you need a reminder. Click on the “Select Tutorials” link to change which tutorials you have access to.

Support Buttons

Not finding the help you need with the topics shown? We provide quick access in the application to get in contact with ExaVault support. We don’t want questions to go unanswered or clients to be stuck feeling frustrated with their experience using our product. 

The first button lets you directly contact support. Click the Contact Support button to open a ticket with ExaVault support. We're here to help with troubleshooting or figuring out how to set up and use more complicated features as well as any other questions you may have.

With this product update, we know it’s even easier to use ExaVault’s web application, get things done, and have a fantastic experience. Feel free to reach out to us with any questions you have. Now you can do so while using ExaVault – that’s what we’re here for.

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