Why ExaVault Branded Business File Sharing?

ExaVault is the leading Branded Business File Sharing service. Every account offers extensive custom branding options, with the ability to customize your name, logo, URL, colors and more. You can even build our FTP service right into your website! We focus on extreme compatibility, with direct S/FTP access and support for nearly any mobile, tablet or desktop device. All backed by world-class infrastructure and technical support, so you're never offline.

We give you the tools you need to scale your business. And we're built to scale with you.

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Unlimited Users »

Create as many users as you need. Unlike other FTP services, we don't charge a fee per user, so you can have as many employee and client accounts as you want. Every account can have a unique password, custom account permissions and optional SSH key (passwordless) login.

Flexible Custom Branding »

It's your business, and it should be your brand – not ours – that your customers see. You wouldn't show up to a client meeting with business cards containing a vendor's logo, and so you shouldn't have to deal with that when you transfer large files. With ExaVault, you can change everything: your logo, your colors, the URL of your file transfer site, even the emails that go out to your clients.

World Class Infrastructure »

If we're a critical part of your operation, you need to make sure that our infrastructure is as solid as your business. You can rest assured that everything is top-notch: a carrier-grade datacenter, fully redundant network and file storage, bulletproof security and 100% ExaVault-owned hardware.

Website Integration »

ExaVault works where you and your users are. A lot of people use ExaVault's web application or an FTP client, but some businesses need to build file transfer right into their websites. We have you covered - we have several options for embedding ExaVault directly onto your website or application.

Any Device. Any Platform. »

Unlike other file storage services, ExaVault is built to be accessed any way you see fit - on the web, on your phone, from a FTP client, in your own application via our API or even from the command line. We welcome – and fully support – a myriad of connection options, so your files are always accessible when and where you need them.

Enterprise Grade Security »

From the first line of code we write, to the last piece of hardware we install, we're thinking about security. It begins with our carrier-grade datacenter, and continues with extensive software and hardware controls, intrusion detection systems, military-grade encryption options, and more. We're constantly striving to make sure your data is secure, without exception.

Rockstar Engineer Support »

A file transfer service only works for your business if you can get the help you need, when you need it. When you email or call us, you'll be talking to the people who built and use the platform. Calling ExaVault isn't like calling the cable company – you'll get helpful, knowledgeable answers right away.