Automated FTP

Set It and Forget It.

ExaVault helps you transfer data automatically.
Minimize Manual Activity

Save time by reducing the number of manual person-system file transfer activities you perform on a regular basis.

Non-Stop Data Transfer

ExaVault can be integrated with your system, allowing you to send and receive files 24/7. You stay freed up for client interactions.

Features that drive your success.


ExaVault supports FTP and secure file transfer protocols, allowing you to reliably and securely transfer large amounts of data with ease.

Detailed Logging

Simplify your troubleshooting with detailed logs that keep you on top of what's going on. Know the who, what, how, and when for all logged activity.

Session Logs with API
Manage Everything Online

An easy web interface lets you manage users, files, API keys, logs, account settings and more. Automatically filter activity logs, organize folder structures, and assign permissions for users and system logins.

Programmatic Alerts

Notifications provide alerts about what's happening with your files. Whether you want to know when something was uploaded, downloaded or some other action taken, it's easy to set up webhooks and email alerts.

We've got you covered with users and permissions too.

Unlimited users lets you connect as many systems as you want with no extra cost.

Detailed per-user permission setup lets you restrict access for system accounts to just the data they need. We allow upload-only or download-only permissions to ensure data security.

Explore Automation Options for Developers

Our developers have put a lot of work into making sure your developers have the tools they need to automate and connect our online FTP server with the software and systems your business uses. From our robust API to webhooks that let you programmatically tell your server that an event has happened. See our webhooks documentation for more information.

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