Hosted FTP

Leave Server Hosting and Maintenance Worries Behind.

ExaVault's Hosted FTP service gives your business the dependable and secure FTP hosting you're looking for.
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FTP servers are complicated to set up and maintain.

Do you find yourself asking these questions?
  • Do I have enough disk space to meet growth objectives in the next twelve months?
  • Are my servers stable and reliable?
  • Are my files secure and all the latest FTP server patches applied?
  • Can customers and employees reach the FTP server from a web browser?
  • Do I have enough network bandwidth?
  • Are all our file transfers actually going through?
Our Hosted FTP service empowers you to answer YES!

We monitor FTP hosting 24/7 to keep your service running smoothly and data secure.

You won’t have to change platforms or use software you don’t like in order to utilize our hosted FTP service. Use any FTP client to connect to our servers directly, or use our fully responsive web-based file management so every computer, tablet, and smartphone across your organization can access your files and folders.

Perfect for Automation

Our hosted FTP works equally well for automated transfers. We've got FTP/FTP-S/SFTP support, compatibility with thousands of software packages, and a full-featured API for development of custom workflows.

Always Secure

Run your FTP hosting on ExaVault's cloud network and secure servers to keep your data safe. You have full control over your cloud FTP account, files, and users with the stability and performance of direct FTP access for file transfers.

Saves You Time

Enjoy an intuitive web-based interface + secure infrastructure. No need to worry about server maintenance or waiting for security updates to be performed by your team.

Softer on Your Budget

Hosted FTP with our cloud service is extremely inexpensive compared to the agony of self-hosting. Plans and features designed for any size business.

Take Advantage of Built-in Security

Self-hosting an FTP server is fraught with user access security risks. With ExaVault’s secure FTP hosting, you are able to transfer files to our cloud servers using SFTP or FTP-SSL (FTPS). All file transfers using our web-based tool are done via HTTPS. This means our hosted FTP gives you secure options that fit your workflow internally and with customers, to keep your data 100% safe.

SSL Certificate

More Reliable Than Self-Hosted

Unlike self-hosted FTP, ExaVault's servers are data center grade and fully redundant. That translates into excellent uptime, so clients and customers around the world can reliably send you files.

Choosing Hosted FTP service with ExaVault is a no-brainer.
You get the most value with the best core service and features.

Getting Started is Easy!

All you need to do is compare your use case and requirements with our features -- we’ll take care of the rest. You can increase storage as you go painlessly without having to worry about equipment.

Our servers are in the cloud so all your devices can connect to them through a beautiful web interface, and via FTP, SFTP, FTPS, FTP-SSL and our API. You don’t have to worry about planning or equipment costs. You avoid all the risks associated with self hosting. And above all you’ll be supported by a great team of engineers who really want to help you with your business.

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