ExaVault For Developers

Easy Integration

Integration is easy. We have a powerful standalone API, as well as simple widgets that allow you to drop a file uploader - or a full blown file management interface - right into your website.

For Developers, By Developers

We eat our own dogfood. Our own platform runs entirely off our API. It's well tested, robust and has 100% unit test coverage. It's also fully documented.

FTP, SFTP & API Support

We fully support native FTP & SFTP for transferring files, as well as our API. You can use any combination of tools to manage your storage space, upload & download files, create users, and more.


Our API is a modern, RESTful JSON API. It's easy to use with any number of languages, including Ruby, Javascript/Node, PHP and even command line cURL.

Every single component of our service is available via our API – from uploading and downloading files, to creating and managing users, managing folders, and even setting up shares and notifications.

That means it easy to integrate ExaVault services directly into your own applications. You can quickly work with your account programatically.

Code Samples Available

We know it's a lot easier to get started if you have can get some sample code up and running first. To that end, we've filled our GitHub account with code samples for Python, PHP, JavaScript and Java.