Send Large Files: The Art of Business File Sharing

Businesses are an ever-changing field of teams, projects, collaborations and large files. Sending large files between various clients, customers and team members is a daily part of business. But are all business file sharing services the same?

Access and Send Large Files

These days businesses of almost any size have not only numerous but large Cute puppy in polka dot cupfiles to share across channels. Clients need to see contracts, coworkers need access to documents, and the manager overseas needs cute puppy pics asap.

Many file-sharing companies offer business plans. These file sharing and storage plans are designed to meet the needs of businesses and usually include more storage, more users, and more support availability. What they really need to offer is secure file hosting with intuitive web-based file management like ExaVault or Dropbox Business.

Dropbox Business

Get as much cloud storage space as you need for your team with Dropbox Business. This service is geared towards companies and enterprises. Enterprise options are available, providing all the cloud storage space your files and folders could need.

We can send all our large files and store whatever we want, so what’s the catch? Well, with Dropbox Business, you pay per user. To get as much space as you want, it can be up to $25 per user on your account. And, we assume that a business that needs more than 500GB of storage probably requires quite a few users to have access to the account.

Data Security and Storage

When your business needs to send large files, it is just as important to know those files are secure. You need a business file sharing solution that offers enterprise grade security and enhanced encryption. You might even want a hosted FTP service with secure file transfer protocols which you won’t get from Dropbox Business. 

Send large files with ExaVault web interface

Easy web file management with granular permissions, upload/download notifications are essential when managing an enterprise worth of business files and users. With large file transfers, it can be more about getting your files transferred quickly and securely than just having unlimited space to store them. Finding the right files and folders is made easier with search options. Make sure your business file sharing service has the right features that allow you to spend less time searching and more time focusing on your business. 

Dropbox Business and ExaVault offer enterprise grade security, the ability to send large files securely with a host of collaboration and user management tools. Having options is great. (No one wants to be called out when the boss can’t preview the cute puppy pics they received.)

ExaVault Does Business File Sharing Right 

Whether you have a small or large business or need an enterprise solution for your online file sharing, ExaVault has you and all your users covered. Get unlimited users for your business file sharing account with no per user cost.

The art of business file sharing is more than just transferring large files. It’s about getting everyone on board who needs to be with unlimited users and no shift in cost. It’s about custom branding, so your file shares showcase your business. It’s about caring for every business and their data security and providing rockstar engineering support to large and small business clients.