Business Best Practice: Branded FTP Site

Published on 10 May 2018 - Updated on 04 Mar 2020

An FTP site can make a huge difference when you count on being able to transfer large files on a regular basis. Businesses benefit from a branded FTP site for all their online file storage and transfer needs.

What is an FTP Site?

At ExaVault, we say an FTP site is a fully integrated FTP solution with an intuitive web-based admin panel and tools. It is the best of both traditional FTP for secure file storage, sending large files, and fast file transfers, plus the ability to access your files from any device with an internet connection.

FTP via Web Interface

A good web interface lets you access files and folders stored on an FTP server. Desktop or mobile device, you can upload, download and transfer large files anywhere. No need to be at your desk. Web-based file management works in your browser. This includes access to features on your FTP account like activity notifications, file uploads, and user permissions.

A lot of companies offer a “secure FTP site,” and it can be hard to compare. Knowing what features are most important to your business is the first step. For example, comparing ExaVault vs Sharefile  for business file sharing is more than just saying you want top-notch security and online access. Picking your FTP site can depend on how many users you need on your account or the amount of storage you need.

The Custom Branded Experience

For most businesses custom branding is essential. A branded FTP site give you and your customers traditional FTP services from your own website. You can full integrate ExaVault FTP services to show your brand. An ExaVault FTP site provides you with custom branding options. Show your company name, logo, colors and URL, even on emails.

Branded FTP site.

The custom branded experience provides an integrated service that lets file sharing work with how you do business. With hosted FTP and enterprise-grade security, branded file sharing is what makes an FTP site great for business.

Why a Branded FTP Site?

Here are four good reasons:

  1. Save time
  2. Save money
  3. Secure FTP storage
  4. Custom branding enhances your visibility

So, let your business shine while an FTP site does all the work. Use FTP to send large files directly from your website. Let clients on your site upload files or images directly to your FTP account.

If you were wondering what an FTP Site is, it is just a fancy way of saying it’s all the things you love about FTP for file sharing plus all the modern stuff you want so you can work online.

See how an FTP Site can work for you. Try ExaVault today!

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