Web + FTP. A marriage made in heaven.

With ExaVault's file transfer service, we've taken the best of FTP — stability, reliability and compatibility with thousands of FTP clients — and matched it with a modern web-based interface so you can send & receive files with your customers.

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Web-based file management.

Accessing and managing your files online has never been easier. Upload and download with just a few quick clicks. Move, copy, rename and delete files using our beautiful web interface. Keep everything organized with nested folders.

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Direct FTP, SFTP and FTP-SSL.

Your ExaVault account works seamlessly with all desktop S/FTP software, including FileZilla, SmartFTP, Transmit and many more. We support standard FTP, as well as Secure FTP (SFTP) and FTP-SSL. If you already have software you love to use, ExaVault is the service for you!

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One-click send+receive.

File transfers go both ways, and ExaVault makes it easy to both send and receive files. You can send straight from your desktop, or from files you've already uploaded. You can even setup receive only folders, which let your clients send big files to you!

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Collaborate with shared folders.

Collaboration is key, and our shared folder function lets you quickly share files – even those uploaded via desktop FTP software – with clients and colleagues around the world. You'll get a single shared space that anyone can access, but your clients can't see the rest of your account.

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Real-time notifications.

Need to be in the know when someone uploads or downloads important files? Email notifications can be set for specific files and folders — and work the same whether the transfer is made with S/FTP or shared folders.

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Robust logs and statistics.

You have access to realtime activity logs and usage graphs with each account. You can filter logs by user or IP address to see trends in your storage use and transfer bandwidth.

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Unlimited users.

We allow you to add an unlimited number of users to your account, and assign custom permissions to each. Each user can have restricted permissions allowing them to only access a certain part of your storage space, or preventing them from uploading or downloading files.

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Your logo & URL.

Add your logo, company name, and theme to fully brand the look and feel the online file manager. Users will see only your brand, with no mention of ExaVault. Working with your webmaster, you can even point a sub-domain (e.g. files.mycompany.com) to your ExaVault server, for complete integration.

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