Files transferred from client.

Receive Files From Clients

Receive Files From Customers

File transfer goes both ways. Customize and share or embed upload forms to securely receive files from customers or clients.

Upload Forms

Four easy steps to effortlessly receive files.

Set up a Receive Folder

Find the folder you want to receive files from clients into. Select your new receive folder and customize the settings -- name, URL key, description, password protection.

Setting up a new receive folder.

Customize Your Form

When customers upload files, you can require them to fill out a custom form. Include fields for job number, order number, email address or phone number, or special instructions for handling the uploaded files.

Form Builder.

Share the Form to Receive Files

Invite customers to use your form directly from the app, or copy the URL and share to give customers and colleagues access to upload files directly into your file sharing account. You can share the link via email, instant message, or any mobile device messaging app, and receive file from clients instantly.

Sharing a receive folder.

Embed the Form on Your Site

Embed the form right into your website. Your clients can upload files directly from your site, and you can even get a notification when the file upload is complete.

For more details on how to securely receive files from customers using our website integrations, see the developer section.

ACME website with an ExaVault uploader built right in.

Get Files. Get Notified. Track the Data.

Receiving files from customers is just the beginning. We let you know when and what was received.

Get notifications online.
Notification icon.
Notifications Keep You Up-to-Date

No more wondering when you will receive files or waiting to hear from customers that they uploaded the requested documents.

Get notified the instant you receive files from customers or colleagues. Notifications can be set to go to your email or call a third-party service via a webhook.

Upload icon.
Who Uploaded What?

View the access logs for a receive folder to see who filled out your receive form, when, and what files were uploaded to the folder.

Receive folder access logs.

Keep It All Secure

If you receive files from customers, you need to know that those files are secure.

tl;dr: they are -- but for more information on our rock solid security, see our security highlights.

Gears and files.

Start receiving files from customers today.

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